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The Farm


toogoodoo oyster co.

Located on the historic Toogoodoo Creek in Yonges Island, South Carolina, Toogoodoo Oyster Company lies within view of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Oysters achieve their specific tastes from the waters in which they are grown, and the cleanliness and salinity of the Toogoodoo Creek are what give our oysters their unique flavor. 

At Toogoodoo Oyster Company, we are committed to proudly producing sustainable shellfish through the farming techniques that we use. Our pristine waters and the attention given to each and every oyster make our Toogoodoozies stand out from the rest. 


The Hatchery

Home to one of the largest clam and oyster hatcheries south of Virginia, it is here we spawn our own oysters and clams and raise them from tiny specks in the water all the way up to the full-size bivalves you see on the raw bar. 

Incredibly fragile at this stage, we keep them here for several weeks, constantly feeding them fresh algae until they are stable enough to survive outside. 


The Nursery

Once the oysters graduate to the outside, they begin their journey in tanks, where they are again fed nutrient-rich algae fresh from the Toogoodoo Creek. Their tanks are cleaned on a daily basis to ensure no unwanted growth and fouling, such as barnacles and pesky sea creatures.

When they finally reach about three-quarters of an inch, they are moved to mesh bags and floated in our ponds on the farm, continuing to grow and eat from the fresh waters that are pumped in from the creek. 

They are then transported to the tidal flats in the creek to finally grow to full size, where the waves keep them tumbled and strong. It is here that they gain their mineral flavors, characterized by the waters that they are grown in. 


The Harvest

Our oysters are harvested by hand, tumbled, and sorted, ensuring only the best make the cut. After being tumbled, they spend a few days relaxing in our tanks, where they have time to rest and recover. These tanks contain filtered water from the Toogoodoo so that our Toogoodoozies retain their brininess and flavor. We take great pride in being able to fulfill our orders on the very day they are picked up by the distributor, you won't find our oysters aging for days in coolers, waiting to be shipped out. Once they leave our tanks, they arrive at their final destination—ready to be shucked— at times within just a few hours!


Meet the Crew

We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing crew that we consider family. Some have a background in aquaculture…others just have a calling to be on the water. However, we all share a common goal—to raise the best damn oysters you've ever tasted.



Head Swashbuckler

Andrew grew up sailing and enjoys being on the water. His background is in finance and the law, but he's permanently traded in his suits and briefcases for rubber boots, SPF shirts, and muddy trucks. He may not have a background in oyster farming, but some might think he's a fish because he drinks like one and has been swimming under water since before he was two.



The Booty

Jessica fell in love with Charleston on a college trip and has adored the charm of the lowcountry ever since. Her background is in branding and graphic design but her passion lies in cooking, entertaining, and southern hospitality. She is currently in charge of all the behind the scenes work that keeps the place going and raising the next generation of little shuckers.



Operations Manager

After a lifetime of building houses all over the lowcountry, and with a passion for being on the water crabbing, shrimping, fishing and diving, we finally talked Jon into joining the Toogoodoo family full time. 



Nursery Manager

Dave and his family joined us from North Carolina. He has a major in aquaculture and a proud Marine Corps service history. Thankfully he runs a tight ship because he and his English Bulldog have up to 100 million seed to grow. 




Bryan majored in aquaculture and is now an integral part of our hatchery. He enjoys surfing, fishing, and taking long walks on the dock.


Hatchery Manager

When the cold war ended, Leon brought his knowledge of covert bi-valve production over from the Ukraine. We are still waiting to hear back from the State Department to see if we can post his picture. 



Seafarer // Lease Manager

Quite honestly, he's the only one that knows anything about growing out oysters, needless to say we're glad to have him running the leases.



Resident Scallywag // Fetch Addict